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Second Skin: The Erotic Art Of Lingerie

a cura di Patrice Farameh

A body clad in satin and lace is more erotic than nudity. Women have always known it and men probably will not disagree. Lingerie has an inspiring effect. Also on designers. They dedicate all their finesse to a tiny piece of nothing, the fabric dreams are made of. Patrice Farameh, specialist for exquisite lifestyle products, has set out on an voyage of discovery and discovered the 30 most exciting labels. Skilfully put in the limelight by the best photographers, fragile sensual masterpieces unfold in the shape of 160 large illustrations. The book offers deep insights into the world of clinging enticements that presents itself, radiant and sexy.

Featured in this book:

Andres Sardá, Angélique DeVil, Blush, Capricine, Damaris, Eternal Spirits, Fred&Ginger, French Cancan, Guia La Bruna, HMS Latex, Hopeless, I.D. Sarrieri, Jean Yu, Gonzalez, Keiko, Kiki de Montparnasse, La Perla, Lascivious, Le Boudoir de Marie, Malu Monteiro, Maya Hansen, Morgana Femme Couture, N De Samim, Nichole de Carle, Pleasure State, Strumpet & Pink, The Lake & Stars, Undrest, Valisere, Velda Lauder


* > Foreword by Renata Mutis Black and Kim Hoedeman, Seven Bar Foundation Founders
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Anno: 2011
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