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Clara's Porset Design: Creating A Modern Mexico

di Clara Porset

Clara Porset (1895-1981) was born in Matanzas, Cuba. Her early studies in the fields of aesthetics, art history and architectural composition took place at the Sorbonne and the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. While some of Clara Porset’s furniture designs were intended for industrial manufacture and mass production, the ones inspired by elements of folk culture served her best. Porset’s work has been associated with some of the most important architects of her time including Barragan and Mario Pani, but her artisanal projects kept her in close contact with craft workshops and studios, collaborating with craftsmen in varied disciplines. This exhibition catalogue from the Museo Franz Mayer in México shows many examples of her varied oeuvre. Texts by Óscar Salinas, Anna Elena Mallet and others.

Clara Porset was an extraordinary women for several reasons. For a start, her education was different from what was customary among the women of her time. She studied at Manhattanville Academy in New York, at Columbia University, and specialised in design and architectural projects in Paris, with Henri Rapin, broadening her studies at the École des Beaux Arts and the Sorbonne.
One of her main objectives was serial production, which enabled her designs to reach a large number of people; she designed thinking of facilitating and making more pleasant the life of the destinatario, the design should cater for people’s ambitions in terms of well-being and happiness.
Her work philosophy was that the design should be absolute and precise, making minimum use of resource media to achieve the maximum result.

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