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Fundación Juan March

Cold America: Geometric Abstraction In Latina America (1934 1973)

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This publication documents Cold America, an exhibition (Fundación Juan March, Madrid > February - May, 2011) which expressly and systematically maps the complex and fragmented history of geometric abstraction in Latin America. The resulting map seeks to reveal not only the influence of Old World traditions on Latin American abstract artists but also their decisive break with that tradition: the rebirth of, and distinct character assumed by, geometric abstraction in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. This project's timeframe begins in 1934, with Joaquin Torres-Garcia's definitive return to Montevideo after more than four decades in Europe, and ends in 1973 with Jesus Rafael Soto's journey from Europe to his hometown of Ciudad Bolívar to inaugurate the museum designed by Carlos Raul Villanueva that bears his name. That year would also see the passing of Waldemar Cordeiro and Ivan Serpa, the Brazilian founders of the groups Ruptura and Frente.


* > Contributors: Osbel Suárez , Césaro Paternosto , María Amalia García , Ferreira Gullar , Luis Pérez Oramas , Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

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Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9788470755880