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Refined Earth: Building With Earth Martin Rauch

a cura di Otto Kapfinger

Sustainably beautiful: building with earth. In times of rising prices for raw materials and energy, sustainable architecture is more relevant than ever. Clay construction has gained acceptance and attractiveness in recent years, becoming a worldwide alternative to conventional industrialized construction. Like the first volume, 'Rammed Earth/Lehm und Architektur/Terra cruda' this book presents the possibilities for clay construction using examples of built projects by the clay pioneer Martin Rauch. The projects, often in collaboration with renowned architectural firms, are categorized according to the focus of construction or by architectural component (floor, wall, ceiling, etc.). Concise articles provide technical information on prefabrication, stabilization, ergonomics, and ecology in clay construction.

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Formato: 22x28
Pagine: 192
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2011
ISBN: 9783034607117