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Sun Architecture

Sunburnt: Landscape Architecture In Australia

di J.Raxworthy S.Ware

Australia is landscape. Its landscape of sky and horizon, of vast distances, and the openness between urban centers, makes practicing landscape architecture uniquely intriguing. ‘Sunburnt’ examines spatial and material qualities that define the Australian landscape through the lens of landscape architecture.


Contemporary landscape architectural design projects from the last ten years are positioned in relation to the canon of landscape architecture. The conceptual framework comprises three axes: iconic, emergent and provocative projects. These categories are intended to provoke discussion about different ways of thinking about landscape architectural practice and discourse in Australia, compared to both mythologies of the landscape and its particular urbanism.


This publication follows the exhibition ‘Sunburnt: Australian Practices of Landscape Architecture’ which travels through Europe in 2011 and will be shown at the Royal Danish Design Museum, P3 Gallery in London, and the Delft University Centre for Contemporary Landscape Design Gallery.


Series Explorations in/of Urbanism
This book is part of the series Explorations in/of Urbanism. This series aims to fill a gap in the contemporary debate concerning urbanism. Each contribution to the series is a case study and an exploration in urbanism (the science of the city) as well as an exploration of urbanism (the discipline that acts upon the city). As a series, Explorations in/of Urbanism has the ambition to document and critically analyse a worldwide spectrum of changing urban conditions in interaction with the development of urbanism.


* > SueAnne Ware is Associate Professor of landscape architecture at the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.  She is also Director of the Urban Liveability Program at the RMIT Design Research Institute.
Julian Raxworthy is a landscape architect and Senior Lecturer in landscape architecture at the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology. He is a regular contributor to Australian and international architectural and design media, including Landscape Architecture Australia, Topos and SCAPE.

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