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WORKMANSHIP. RKW Architektur+Staedtebau


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di Klaus-Dieter Weiss

WORKMANSHIP. RKW Architektur+Staedtebau: Working Philosophy and Design Practice 2000-2010

WORKMANSHIP is a monograph about the German rooted architecture group RKW that produced highly useful and comprehensible, interactive buidlings for over 60 years in Amerika, Europe and Asia. Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky has offices in Düsseldorf (GER, head office), Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich, Gdansk, Warsow and Moskow. We will, over the coming weeks, present some of their projects here on BirkhauserDialogue.

The book WORKMANSHIP shows a thematically structured collection of buildings and referenced working methods that are interesting for the the bulk of architects that are producing architecture that is being used by many and also our ‘common’ people. RKW successfully manages to deliver hugely enjoyable and substantial work in several fields:

Traffic/stations, residential buildings, schools, administration buildings, science buildings, arenas/sport buildings, trade buildings and city planning.

The book is available in German since 2010 and will come out in English and Polish in April 2011.

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