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VERONA and Lake Garda: With an Excursion to Valpolicella


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di Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky

VERONA and Lake Garda: With an Excursion to Valpolicella. Architectural Guide

A city that has existed for over 2,000 years, Verona has a wealth of historic architecture, from ancient Roman masterworks such as the Arena to seventeenth-century neoclassical gems like the Gran Guardia Palace right through to inventive recent restorations and adaptations. Its Gothic and Romanesque edifices – frequently constructed in pink brick – are a particular highlight.
The architectural remnants of this UNESCO-listed city are covered here in the first architectural guide to Verona, Lake Garda, and Valpolicella. The towns and villages around Lake Garda have long attracted tourists, and the selection in this volume reflects this. Villas and hotels loom large, including the eccentric villa complex constructed by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.
Through his considered selection of buildings, historian and socio-urbanist Sergey Nikitin provides a sometimes-irreverent look at sights that range from the well-known to the more hidden. The book includes addresses and maps for ease of visiting and a further reading list for those who want to explore the area from home first.

Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky, PhD., musician, historian of cities and archi­tecture, specialised in the twenti­eth century. He’s been teaching ­history of archi­tecture in the universities of ­Moscow, was a visiting professor at the University of ­Verona and Politecnico of Milan. He is ­senior researcher at the ­Museum of ­Moscow. Current projects: courtyard studies, industrial heritage. Nikitin-Rimsky is a founder of ­VeloNotte – a series of 26 thematic nocturnal archi­tecture bike rides in Rome, London, ­Istanbul, Berlin, Moscow, St. ­Petersburg, Irkutsk, New York, Ivanovo, Kazan, ­Florence, and Verona.

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