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di Xia Jiajia

An excellent Reference Work on how to create competitive Quality App Designs, with good Market Prospects

With the further development and maturation of Internet business and the use of smartphones and tablets, more and more companies are developing Apps as a main promotional method. The knock-on effect of this is that it’s necessary to pay more attention to the quality of the interface design; your App must stand out from the rest on the market. The repeated need for updates and redesigns pushes App designers to constantly enrich their capabilities and broaden their own horizons.

  • Containing about 80 excellent interface designs from all over the world, this book is made up of two parts: website UI&UX User (Interface & User Experience) design and app designs, which has been divided into 6 subcategories, including Practical Tools, Social Life, Brand Promotion, Media, Information and News, and Office and Study.
  •  This book tries to answer the question “How to create a great interface work” in the core aspects of interface design: device, navigation, wireframes, color and typography.
  •  Not only present the designs from leading interface design studios, such as Hello Monday, Inkration Studio, Plus X, UI/UX Design also contains the works from creative freelancers and students, providing diverse interfaces cases to the reader.

– Editor’s Recommendation

In the age that people get used to ordering meals through apps, website and app have become more and more important as the front stages of company’s or personal image, which encourages the interface designers to constantly improve the visual effects of app and website to offer simple, joyful and efficient user experience.

Dedicated in showcasing the newest excellent UI/UX design cases, this book stands out from many other interface textbooks as a great reference and collection. Hope it can bring you the sparkle of inspiration for interface design! 

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Formato: 20,5×27
Pagine: 240
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9789881468789