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TYPOGRAPHY NOW. Designing and Using Types

Following up on Layout Now and Color Now, SendPoints continues to craft practical guidebooks for readers in the design cosmos. This time, it is about type, which we read and use every day. Typography Now guides readers through everything they need to know to understand, create, and use Latin, Chinese, and Japanese typefaces in an increasingly interrelated world. The fundamentals, including typographic terms, character structures, style classifications, size, weight, text families, and more will provide readers with prerequisite knowledge to understand and identify different types. Typography Now introduces readers to esteemed type foundries and their design processes and techniques to demonstrate how type is created. The coverage of layout rules will help readers grasp how to effectively design with text on the page as well as combine text with mixed scripts (Chinese, Japanese, and Roman).

In addition you will find some of the best examples of typographic choices, as well as talks with experts at type foundries about the present and future of type, and demonstrations of some of the hottest new typefaces.

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