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TRILOGIE. BQ+A Bernard Quirot Architecte et Associés


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TRILOGIE. BQ+A Bernard Quirot Architecte et Associés: Trois Architectures à Grachaux

As part of a series of publications on singular architectural bodies of work, this volume presents three projects by architects working with Bernard Quirot in Grachaux, Haute-Saône (France), which examine three materials and their use in a local perspective of “critical regionalism”.

Two houses and offices are built on the same land in a rural setting. Bernard Quirot and his partners make the site a laboratory that reconstitutes the histories of housing – houses on stilts, underground houses – mixing archaic figures with avant-garde proposals (the houses of the Australian bush designed by the architect Glenn Murcutt or the figure of the bunker explored by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio). The three creations question three materials and their implementation from a local perspective of “critical regionalism” defined by critics Alexandre Tzonis and Kenneth Frampton.

– French architect Bernard Quirot graduated from UP8 in 1986. He was a resident of Villa Médicis in 1988-1989 an he studies the invariants topics of Architecture. In 2008 his agency moved to Pesmes, a small village in Franche-Comté. In 2015 he received the Award Equerre d’Argent for the Vézelay Health Center and in 2018 he is nominated for the Grand Prix National d’Architecture.

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