THINK BIG — SHOP SMALL. Unique Stores and Contemporary Retail Design


What’s in store today? The most engaging retail experiences, created with taste and care.

Think Big—Shop Small looks at stores with unique retail concepts that offer products and immersive interiors, introducing a new culture of customer experiences.

Highlighting the value of social contact and personal experiences, independent shops bring quality, aesthetic, design, atmosphere – and passion for service.

This book showcases highly unique concept stores, beautifully designed flagship stores, as well as independently run shops that have found new ways to broaden the scope of their offerings and interaction with customers.

Marianne Julia Strauss is a German travel writer who turned her curiosity into a job. For ten years, she has roamed the world writing about the good things in life, covering the world of books with her previous two titles for gestalten: Do You Read Me? and Temples of Books