THE SMALL UTOPIA. Ars Multiplicata



di AA.VV.
a cura di Germano Celant

From Futurism to Fluxus, virtually every twentieth-century avant-garde produced art multiples of some kind, whether to defuse the auratic power of the unique artwork, or to foster a more democratic art culture. The Small Utopia.Ars Multiplicata provides a thorough overview of this tendency, looking at Malevich’s tea sets, Bauhaus textiles and toys, early audio multiples, Duchamp’s readymades, films by Fischinger and Moholy-Nagy, Maciunas’ Fluxus kits, Minimalist and Pop art multiples, artist’s books and small press magazines, among other examples. Some of the field’s finest scholars contribute to this volume, including Maria Gough on Russian Productivism; Elena Gigli on Giacomo Balla; Annette Malochet on Sonia Delaunay’s Atelier Simultané; Karen Koehler on Bauhaus; Antonio Somaini on early sound art; Adina Kamien-Kazhdan on readymades; Marie Rebecchi on abstract cinema; Nicholas Fox Weber on Josef and Anni Albers; and Julia Robinson on Nouveau Realisme and Fluxus multiples. A superbly illustrated chronology rounds out this essential and handsome publication.

Exhibition: Fondazione PRADA – Venezia, Palazzo Ca’ Corner della Regina (6 Luglio – 25 Novembre 2012)

> Texts by: Charles Esche (Author), Nicholas Fox Weber (Author), Elena Gigli (Author), Germano Celant (Introduction)

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Anno: 2012

ISBN: 9788887029543