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THE HOME MAKERS. Private Homes by Top Designers


  • Explores private homes, designed by some of the world’s best interior designers
  • An inspirational book for everyone who cares about the spaces in which they live


More than ever our homes are our sanctuaries.  A beautiful home doesn’t rest on great design alone – it’s shaped by the people who live there. It tells a story; it should be a celebration of the family that resides there, family and friends are at the center of it all.  A home is our sense of security, belonging and identity. It is our memory vault, it centres us and provides us with a sense of calm and well-being. The most welcoming homes reflect the personality of the host and beckon guests to sit down and stay for a while among friends.  This new book invites the reader into homes created by 17 influential tastemakers: a Hamptons farmhouse, a classic historical home in Belgium, a lakeside contemporary retreat, a modern French villa, a Neoclassical townhouse, a Majorca summer home, … All with a global feel that they haven’t been renovated in the traditional sense but are true homes, full of charm, character, and style.  These diverse residential spaces span from the United States and Italy, to France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. Whether the architecture is traditional or ultramodern, all homes exude a casual, comfortable elegance. They reflect the personalities and stories of the people who live there. The architects and interior designers featured in The Home Makers try to give a sense of home to what they design. They avoid elements and materials that are too fashionable. A house has to be grand, but it has to be warm and soulful at the same time. All interiors featured in The Home Makers are livable, for people who don’t necessarily want to be trendy but want to have incredible quality in a house that will last twenty years or more, not five. For them, the house is the ultimate form of self-expression.  An inspirational and richly illustrated book for everyone who cares about the spaces in which they live. And an absolute must for every library of interior design. Featuring (in alphabetical order): Bernd Gruber (Kitzbühel) Caprini & Pellerin Architectes (Cannes) Collett-Zarzycki (London) Daniel Boddam Studio (Sydney) Disc Interiors (Los Angeles) Droulers Architecture (Milan) Estudio Maria Santos (Madrid) Framework Studio (Amsterdam) In Tempo (Luxembourg) Khoury/Vogt Architects (Florida) Las Perelli Estudio (Madrid / Ibiza /  La Coruña) Michael Del Piero (Chicago / Hamptons) More Design (Mallorca) OOAA Arquitectura (Madrid) Perspective Studio (Stockholm) Piotr Paradowski Interior Design Studio ( Kraków) Studio LoHo (Bruges).

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Wim Pauwels, founder and managing director of Beta-Plus Publishing, began putting out a series of books in 1997 about architecture and interior design. So far the company has published more than 250 themed titles (living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, antique building materials, restoration, renovation, gardens and swimming pools), plus monographs of architects and interior designers, manuals and yearbooks about timeless and contemporary architecture and interiors. For each book he enlists the assistance of authoritative specialists for the introductory texts and photograph captions.