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THE CLASSROOM.  From the Late 19th Century Until the Present Day / DAS KLASSENZIMMER. Vom Ende Des 19. Jahrhunderts Bis Heute


Going to school together – this description refers to an object that we are all familiar with, but surprisingly little is known about its history and meaning. First it is the school desk, then the school chair with the school table, which designers, architects and manufacturers – at different times, in different countries, in very different ways – have challenged and inspired.

The catalog for the VS School Museum, which has a unique collection of domestic and foreign school furniture, traces this fascinating development in its remarkable diversity and shows how social change, new educational views and groundbreaking school architecture depend on each other and, accordingly, modern school furnishings have shaped. However, designing an educational environment suitable for children is not a nostalgic topic. The original goal of the reformers, to make the school a place of life that promotes the holistic development of the child, is still up for debate. This richly illustrated publication provides the historical background and an outlook into the future.