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di Louisa HuttonMatthias Sauerbruch

Lars Mueller presents a second major monograph on Sauerbruch Hutton: Archive 2 follows on from the previous Archive that recorded the practice’s work from its inception in 1989 to 2006. Archive 2 includes detailed descriptions of 70 works from the period between 2006 and 2015 as well as 6 essays by the architects and a complete register of all projects.

The current compendium traces the development of the office’s architectural practice and thinking through a series of completed buildings, works in progress and projects that, as yet, remain unrealised. The book illuminates its strategies of sustainable design, its multiple interventions in the post-industrial cityscape and the unfolding of an architectural language full of sense and sensuality that reacts to its physical and social context, as well as to functional, technical, spatial and sculptural considerations.

The book reveals Sauerbruch and Hutton’s understanding of their profession as an ongoing process of research into presence and future, and is the only comprehensive documentation of their numerous works.

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Anno: 2016

ISBN: 9783037783894