di Jons Messedat

RETAIL DESIGN INTERNATIONAL Vol.4. Components, Spaces, Buildings

Just a few years ago customers at the point of sale would have been turned away politely but firmly if they had brought their coffee to go or even something edible with them.

Now the situation has completely changed: a variety of forms of gastronomy have established themselves as communicative gathering places and enjoyableanchor points in retail design.

From the gourmet restaurant in the supermarket to the cooking school in the shopping centre, or the food experience with a bar and hotel in the metropolis: Retail Design International with a focus on retail & food provides a first overview of worldwide ideas and projects at the interface of retail and food worlds.

Around 60 worldwide projects invite one to embark on architectural, scenographical and culinary excursions that literally spur an “appetite” to fi nd out more about brands, products and spaces, as well as the interdisciplinary “makers” behind them.

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Dr. Jons Messedat is architect, designer and author. His expertise in the field of built Corporate Identity is in demand from global operations, as panel member in architecture and design competitions as well as at universities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

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