di Peter Buchanan

The Niccolo Paganini Auditorium in Parma, the EMI Music offices in Paris, the Maison Hermès in Tokyo or the offices of the Il Sole 24 Ore daily in Milan are some of the projects featured in the fifth volume of the Complete Works series dedicated to the Italian architect Renzo Piano.

The author of the emblematic Centre Pompidou of Paris together with Richard Rogers (1977) and winner of the Pritzker Prize (1998), Piano has produced a large number of attractive buildings all over the world, always creating new languages that combine a deep interest in the topography of the place, a lucid understanding of the objective and a startling interest in experimenting in new technologies. In this volume, the author Peter Buchanan shows how Piano does not follow fashion in the shapes or the theories, and stresses how his work is not limited by a personal language. Instead of this, he is preoccupied with specificities and the potential of each particular situation and time, looking at the challenges posed by the project, often taking technology beyond the limits of its time and responding to the urban fabric in which his building will stand.

Besides presenting some of the architect’s most recent buildings in detailed fashion and with over five hundred illustrations and lineal sketches, the book also includes some of the projects that are currently being built, like the London Bridge Tower in London or the New York Times tower in New York. 

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