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a cura di Joe DuffyDamian HamiltonCristiano Vinciprova Machado

RELISHING MARKETING. Illustrations of Food & Drink Packaging

  • Showcases a global representation of branding and graphic design strategies for food and drink packaging
  • Provides strong insight into how innovative illustration can translate to effective sales
  • Includes rich photographic detail, high-quality illustrations, and detailed descriptions of each product, and the designer’s thinking of each motif
  • Covers packaging design ideas for a wide variety of food and beverage models, from small- to large-scale industries


Packaging is now something more than simple containers; it’s a means of communicating with consumers and convincing them to buy a product. Illustration serves a valuable purpose on product packaging and helps the product stand out from a crowded shelf or competitive market.

This book showcases the various effective functions of the illustrations on food and drink packaging from the aspects of conveying product information, highlighting product features, reflecting the differentiation, promoting sales, and arousing imagination.

> Joe Duffy is one of the world’s most respected and sought after thought leaders on branding and design. In 2004 Joe Duffy received the Legacy Medal from the American Institute of Graphic Arts for a lifetime of achievement in the field of visual communications. Damian Hamilton is the brand keeper and designer at Cornershop, an award-winning brand design boutique based in Adelaide, South Australia. Cristiano Vinciprova Machado is the strategic designer at Casa Rex, an international highly awarded house of design.

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Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9781864707090