REFLEXIONEN / REFLECTIONS. HammesKrause Architekten


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di Markus HammesNils Krause
a cura di Markus HammesNils Krause

In just a short time, the young Stuttgart architects Markus Hammes (*1964) and Nils Krause (*1964) have been able to realize a series of quite diverse projects. An intense joint, iterative discourse is revealed in their designs. Their search for an adequate architectural language pursues systemic contextuality as primary goal.
This process illuminates freedoms within the functional, technical and economic constraints of the projects, while also pointing the way on various levels toward connections with the buildings’ sociocultural periphery. The result has been a number of unexpected contributions to contemporary architecture. After just over seven years, the two architects are now taking the time to look back in order to sharpen their gaze for the next seven years.
Their book conducts this act of reflection from seven different internal and external angles. In the form of interviews and essays, a glance is cast from outside onto their works. The book makes a powerful, illustrious impression, and serves as a compelling introduction to the unique approach taken by hammeskrause architekten.

Formato: 28×24
Pagine: 360
Immagini a colori: 250
Immagini b/n: 148
Lingua: D-GB
Anno: 2010

ISBN: 9783868281569