RCR. Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes



The pursuit of RCR is “Architecture of Equilibrium” with its origin in the place in which we live and the people who we are. RCR insists architecture has to be neither modern movement, high tech nor in fashion but of equilibrium. 19 projects by RCR Arquitectes are included in this monograph and Yong-su Kim interviews with RCR Arquitectes about their work.

The Architecture of Equilibrium

Place, Experience and Architecture

Forest Park
Pavilions in Les Cols Restaurant
‘Els Colors’ Kindergarten
Rough Rock Park
Meterological Radar Station
Les Cols Restaurant
M – Lidia House
Bellow House
Tussols – Basil Athletics Stadium
Tussols – Basil 2×1 Pavilion
Light Sphere in Palamós Port
House for a Ironmonger and a Hairdresser
House for an Editor
Rural House
Termes Orion
Crematorium of Hofheide
Windbreak House
House for a Carpenter
Pavilion in the Pond

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