RASSEGNA 41 (I Sensi del Decoro)


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RASSEGNA. Problemi di Architettura dell’Ambiente



  • Contents [translated from Italian]
  • Editorial by Vittorio Gregotti
  • Decorative Natures by Bruno Pedretti
  • Concepts of Ornament and Decorative Art by Eugenio Battisti
  • Indications for an Ornamental Glossary: Florence in the 15th Century by Riccardo Pacciani
  • In Praise of Decoration Against Superficiality by Roberto Masiero
  • Ornamental Grammars by Stuart Durant
  • Carlo Cattaneo and the “Beautiful Regained”: the Argument for Ornamentation by Ornella Selvafolta
  • Semper’s “Morphology” by Joseph Rykwert
  • The Art Nouveau Lexicon by Maria Adriana Giusti: 10 pages with 15 illustrations, 5 in color including work by M. P. Verneuil, M. Dufrene, Daum, E. Galle, G. Fouquet, E. Viollet-le-Duc, R. Vallin and H. Ospovat
  • Ornamental Theory and Practice in the Jugendstil by Frank-Lothar Kroll: 8 pages with 20 black-and-white illustrations including work by Otto Wagner, Louis H. Sullivan, Otto Eckmann, Hokusai, Henry van de Velde, August Endell and Adolf Loos
  • The Style Debate in the Vienna School by Werner Hofmann: 10 pages with 15 black-and-white illustrations including work by Gustav Klimt and Constantin Brancusi
  • Anthological Excerpts from Gottfried Semper to Henri Focillon
  • Advertising section