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di Guido Argentini

Daring and provocative, these images of the female nude challenge the viewer to defy limits and enter “forbidden territory.” Argentini plays with our notions of privacy and constructs a hidden erotic universe where it is hard to know what we will find—our deepest erotic fantasies or a parallel reality? These charged erotic images are both sophisticated and raw, with a dark glamour all their own. AUTHOR Guido Argentini was born in Florence, Italy in 1966. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1990 and has photographed for Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy, Max and Men’s Health. Guido Argentini, Silvereye (ISBN 3-8238-5593-X) was published by teNeues in 2003.

– SELLING POINTS: Highly charged eroticism sure to raise eyebrows An ideal gift for lovers of erotica 137 colour and duotone photos

Veste editoriale: Cartonato con Sovraccoperta + Cofanetto
Formato: 15,6×21,7
Pagine: 448
Immagini a colori:
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Lingua: GB-D-IT-F-E
Anno: 2007

ISBN: 9783832790813