PRAGUE. The Architecture Guide


di Chris Van UffelenMarkus Golser

  • Elaborate historical outlines of the architecture
  • Divided into eras
  • Architects’ portraits
  • Special sections devoted to important buildings
  • Maps indicating all featured buildings for a comprehensive tour

      The “Golden City” has always been one of the most important architectural centers of Europe. The architectural history of Prague reached its first peak during the Gothic period. The Renaissance and Baroque period are still very much in evidence today as part of the cityscape. Following the Jugendstil under the influence of the Habsburg monarchy, the national identity finds its expression in the architectonically unique Prague Cubism. In the 1920s and 1930s the city maintained contact with the International Modern Style, while after World War II the socialist building culture held sway. After the end of the cold war the city made the connection to contemporary architecture in the form of extraordinary buildings.

      Two proven experts, Chris van Uffelen and Markus Golser, guide the reader through all historical architectural eras – from medieval times to the present. The chronological sequence and high-quality photos clearly reflect the typical characteristics of every era. In addition to approximately 300 individual buildings, the most prominent architects of Prague and each of its eras are introduced. Two detailed maps enable visitors to explore and discover Prague according to their own interests.

      Veste editoriale: Softcover
      Formato: 13,5×24
      Pagine: 200
      Immagini a colori: 365
      Lingua: GB
      Anno: 2013

      ISBN: 9783037681121