POLTRONOVA BACKSTAGE. Archizoom, Sottsass and Superstudio


a cura di Francesca Balena Arista

POLTRONOVA BACKSTAGE. Archizoom, Sottsass and Superstudio. The Radical Era 1962-1972

A unique history of design, safeguarded at the Centro Studi Poltronova and never narrated in such a complete way until now, thanks to the photographs taken by the authors of their own works. These are accompanied by the personal recollections of Dario Bartolini, Andrea Branzi, Gilberto Corretti, Paolo Deganello, Adolfo Natalini, Cristina Morozzi, Barbara Radice, and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. Foreword by Michele De Lucchi.

“These photos almost resemble happenings, which were starting back then, and I’m swept away to that wonderful time of Italian design prehistory when, suddenly, that magical complicity between companies and designers turned into reality. These pages offer accounts by the most important protagonists of that radical age, those who truly built the ideology underpinning the international success of Italian design.” – M. De Lucchi

– Photographs from the Centro Studi Poltronova Archive

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Anno: 2016

ISBN: 9781941372203