PARIS. Beautiful Designs on the Street Corner


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di PIE Books

PARIS. Beautiful Designs on the Street Corner – Shop Interior, Wrapping Tools, Catalogues, and more

This is the brand-new title which follows PIE’s successful projects of ‘Shop Image Graphics’ series. Every 2 or 4 pages are consist of Shop Data and plenty of photos introducing Shop Interior, Display Ideas, Brand Logos and Package Designs. This title can be a good reference book for graphic designers and shop owners to know the trends in Paris. And in addition, those who plan to visit Paris and look for something special may also like this title.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 21×29,7
Pagine: 160
Immagini a colori:
Immagini b/n:
Lingua: J (some GB)
Anno: 2014
ISBN: 9784756245540