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This is the ultimate guide to packaging materials for designers — the standard work. The elements presented are fully comprehensive and magnificently presented, with a multitude of projects crafted from an overwhelming number of medias included. For instance, the chapter on wood features Baltic Birch, Cedar, Bamboo, Cork, Cypress, Birch, hay, and straw. The chapter on paper includes adhesive paper, craft paper, cardboard, cigarette and crepe paper, tracing paper and pulp. Each chapter makes compelling arguments for the different techniques employed, with exciting examples by creative designers from around the world. The projects within include packaging for fashion and clothing, jewelry, take-out containers, food and drink, cosmetics, coffee, and much more.

The material used in a product packaging is closely related to the sales, image, as well as the identity of the product. Packaging Materials showcases carefully-selected packaging design projects that stand out for the use of different materials, such as paper, wood, textile, leather, metal and more. This book offers an exploration of the relationship between packaging and materials, highlighting the features of different materials used in packaging design. A well of knowledge and the outstanding design works featured within make this book a must-have for packaging design professionals.

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