a cura di Matthias Boeckl

Public space in European cities, in the form of the urban square at the disposal of all, has nowadays already become a rare and therefore precious resource. The fact that open space in towns has been degraded to merely serve the needs of traffic and forcing everything ‘public” to universally retreat has, however, led to a critical awareness of the social significance of this traditional zone of communicative exchange. Boris Podrecca has played a greater part than any other architect in Europe in the current cultivation of this special urban zone. With great sensitivity, the architect has set to work in those regions where the Romanic, Slavic and German cultural traditions intertwine, and his designs for squares in Verona, Salzburg and Piran subtly reflect modes of living in public spaces. The book offers comprehensive coverage of 40 projects and work executed in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia as well as a cultural-historical introduction by Werner Oechslin.

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Anno: 2004

ISBN: 9783211005132