NOVUM 2021 (Abbonamento)



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Novum covers the work of Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Studios and Schools

NOVUM – World of Graphic Design is a monthly magazine featuring the best in contemporary graphic design, illustration, photo design, corporate design and typography. novum also spotlights new talents and the latest trends. It presents a balanced mix of visions for the future and state-of-the-art design – to inspire all creatives in the world of international graphic and communication design.

NOVUM was founded in Germany in 1924, under the name of Gebrauchsgraphik. The magazine quickly developed into the foremost journal of graphic design, valued widely at home and abroad as a source of inspiration. The magazine was founded by Prof. H. K. Frenzel and published by Phönix Berlin.

Today NOVUM is one of the leading graphic design magazines in Europe and puts a strong emphasis on special papers, print finishings and special printing techniques. The unusual and elaborately produced covers underline the magazine’s focus on print and tactile communication.

Each month the novum plus section takes a close look at a different field of design such as typography, paper, book design or illustration. The individual themes are looked at from the point of view of technical experts, clients and designers, making novum an even more collectible and valuable source of reference for all those involved in design.

NOVUM is well illustrated and with good reproductions the magazine covers the European scene in all its styles – from the traditional to the trendy. Consequently arranged. A subscription provides a useful portfolio on all aspects of European graphic design.

PREVIEW: Main Topics for 2020. Once again we have chosen a lot of interesting and diverse topics for our novum + section in 2020


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Anno: 2021

ISSN: 1438-1753