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NEW ARCHITECTS 2. A Guide to Britain’s Best Young Architectural Practices

New Architects2, the second in a series compiled by The Architecture Foundation, offers a unique survey of new architectural talent in Britain today. The first edition of New Architects was cited by architects and clients alike as the one key reference source for the commissioning of public and private projects, providing a critical outlook on the buoyant British architectural scene. New Architects2 provides comprehensive details of nearly 100 of the best emerging practices, fully illustrated throughout with superb color photography of their most recent work, and includes factual information for those interested in contemporary architecture, and, most importantly, for those who wish to commission new and innovative designs. Supported by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, New Architects2 will become the definitive directory of new British practices, and will be required reading for architects, architectural students, and all those interested in the best new additions to our built environment.

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Anno: 2001

ISBN: 9781858941387