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NATURE IN LUXE. Country Villas in Taiwan

The interior works introduced in Nature in Luxe express people’s state of mind of returning to nature and the wish of being close to nature via the way of living. As for the interpretation on the design thinking of natural style, cases in this book are diversified, not only advocating natural materials such as wood, vine and granite, but also focusing on natural lighting, ventilation, energy saving, usage of natural colors and closing to nature. What’s more, flowers, grasses, sand, stones, dead wood, fallen leaves as well as other interior furnishings and decorations which have wild smell are applied, at the same time, sceneries which have strong oriental cultural flavor are brought into houses, as well as the virescence and artificial landscape. Moreover, wonderful cases in tiny luxurious style are also included in this book, excluding the concept of “Slight Luxury” through elegant pictures and presenting a happy and unique family wholly from hard to soft decoration, which offers a tiny luxurious feast of interior art for the readers. In addition to elegant case pictures, this book specifically interprets the main methods for the design in natural style and slight luxurious style (space, color, material, lighting, virescence, ventilation, bringing scenes into interior decoration, furniture, etc.)

Nature in Luxe showcases 45 luxurious residential projects in Taiwan. This richly illustrated book shows designers use of natural lighting, ventilation and energy conservation as well as use of natural decorating materials (wood, stone, cloth, linen etc.) in attempt to introduce the ‘inspired by nature’ elements. Projects include chapters on: Design Concept, Decorative Materials, Natural Colours, Natural Lighting, Interior Virescence, Space Planning and Bringing Scenery into House as well as detailed floor plans.

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Anno: 2015

ISBN: 9789881412485