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di Michael Meredith – Hilary Sample

Their work has been described as experimental, willfully strange, and generally off-kilter, qualities front and center in their recent collection Everything All at Once. In just ten years, Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample have established MOS as one of the leading young architecture practices in the country. MOS, the first monograph on the built work of the New York City based firm, follows the design studio’s evolution from their earliest works to their most celebrated houses and institutional buildings. The thirty projects featured range from the sophisticated to the absurd, from the serene Floating House in Ontario, Canada, and the sustainable Kathmandu Orphanage in Nepal to the playful puppet theater at Harvard s Carpenter Center and the appropriately named Rainbow Vomit installation in New York City, a digital, interactive, computational heap of building blocks in a constant state of near collapse. The collection also includes a selection of the couple s unorthodox writings, such as their satirical Office Policy employee manual.

  • The book, itself a work of the studio, is as innovative as the architecture they create
  • Projects are located throughout the United States and around world, including Boston; Derby, Connecticut; Las Vegas; Marfa, Texas; Miami; New York City; and Canada, France, Japan, Nepal, Norway, Spain, and more

> Michael Meredith is an assistant professor at Princeton University; Hilary Sample is an associate professor at Columbia University. In 2010 they received an Academy Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

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