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MODERN ARCHITECTURE IN BERLIN. 466 Examples from 1900 to the Present Day: selected and described by Rolf Rave


The contents of this architectural guide vividly stand out against the backdrop of Berlin’s recent history – a course of events as multifaceted as it was, in part, excessive, up until today. This publication deliberately focuses on the city’s last one hundred years when, generation by generation, Berlin daringly and almost obsessively rediscovered itself architecturally. The selected examples not only convey a visually impressive and representative longitudinal progression, but also in which form the most provocative of social movements, changes and breaks presented themselves in the architecture of the city.
With texts and images, the book presents 466 architectural works built from 1907 to the present day. The author’s choices support the greater intention to present what can now be deemed contemporary, typical, and exemplary about every period of Berlin’s diverse, irregular, and amazingly rich architectural history. That the examples offered here blatantly declare themselves products of the “Modern age”, and “Neues Bauen” permits them to be understood as a “manifesto in images” which consolidates to a twentieth-century architectural collage, whose quality and wide range grant it an unquestionable uniqueness.