di Michele Arnaboldi

Michele Arnaboldi, an architect from Ticino, who has worked for Luigi Snozzi, among others, founded his own firm in Locarno in 1995. He has made his reputation above all with residential architecture. He did, however, also attract attention when his design in collaboration with Raffaele Cavadini won the international competition for the design of the Expo 2000 grounds in Hanover.

This volume documents thirty-five of Arnaboldi’s projects, primarily residences in Switzerland and Italy but also public buildings such as the new cultural center in Lugano, the sports center in Tenero, La Carità hospital in Locarno, and the pavilion for the Locarno film festival. Two essays and an interview with Michele Arnaboldi provide deeper insight into his attitude toward design.

> Michele Arnaboldi is an architect from Ticino, active in Locarno

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