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di Louise Noelle

MICHAEL P. JOHNSON. The Unshakeable Search for Architecture

The publishing industries’ production of ubiquitous volumes on ‘St Architects’ does little to inform society the benefits good architecture can have on our everyday lives. The small, regional architectural firms working throughout the United States and abroad have a more profound effect on the built environment than the cultural imperialism thrust upon us, harking back to the Pre-Modernist movement of the last century. Looking back 50-60 years, we can find architects such as Bruce Goff, Jack Hilmer, and Al Beadle to see how their work influences architectural culture and generations of young students. Michael P. Johnson: The Unshakeable Search for Architecture, about the life work of architect Michael P. Johnson, speaks directly of his regional buildings from his native Wisconsin through his work after his migration to Arizona. It also expands upon his work in New York, Colorado, and California, and further in Canada, Mexico, and Italy.

> Louise Noelle studied Art History at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, and at the Universidad Nacional Autònoma de México. She was editor of Arquitectura/México and coordinator of the design group Praxis Mexico City. She joined the staff of the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and since 1982 has been a researcher at the Institute. She is involved in many aspects of architectural criticism, being a co-founder and director not only of the Comité International des Critiques d´ Architecture (CICA) but also of the Mexican Association of Architectural Critics. She is a member of the Academia de Artes, Mexico, and of the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina. She is contributor to numerous architectural journals in Mexico, North and South America, Europe and Japan, and was awarded the Jean Tschumi Prize by the UIA in 2011.

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