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Every era creates its own style having a strong impact on architecture and space. Through the growing importance of electronic media and the services provided by the internet, the delimitation between physical and virtual spaces is becoming increasingly fuzzy. Christoph Kronhagel, a worldwide renowned specialist for media facades and technology, gives these phenomena the collective name “mediatecture”, a compound of the words “media“ and “architecture“. His book approaches the new phenomenon methodologically, in form of elements providing basic knowledge on mediatectonic work, in particular for media facades. Together with worldwide leading specialists from the fields of technology, urban construction, computer sciences, arts and marketing, he has established a unique manual that, thanks to its focus on the media façade, primarily addresses architects and designers.

TABLES OF CONTENTS: 1 Foreword – 2 Facets of Mediatecture – The History of Media in the Public Space.- 3 Media Facades – Introduction and overview.- 4 Identity and Public Space – Urban Identity.- 5 Media and Space – Spatial Perceptions and spatial Expansion.- 6 Panta Rhei – The Revolution of Networks.- 7 Media Design in and for the Space – Requirements on Media Design.- 8 To show Promo or to be Promo? – Mediatectonic advertizing in the Public Space.- 9 So it could run – Description of a fictional Project unifying all Aspects.

> Christoph Kronhagel, born in 1958, studied architecture at RWTH Aachen. In 1991, he founded the ag4 (joint venture for 4-dimensional construction), an interdisciplinary team producing and integrating architecture in media. During his time as an associate at ag4 mediatecture company, some technical systems for media facades including Mediamesh and Illumesh were developed, awarded with the coveted RedDot and the Silver Medal of Deutscher Designpreis 2009. As of 2009, Christoph Kronhagel is an independent consultant for mediatecture.

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