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  • A significant landmark in Lagrange’s esteemed publishing career
  • The all new work by Lagrange showcases his multi-faced talent
  • A must for any lover of elegant erotic photography


It takes enviable skill and dedication to achieve mastery in the arts. Yet even more remarkable is the artist who widens his scope to venture beyond his already widely acclaimed signature style.

Few would dare to even consider such a risk… However, in Senza Parole, Marc Lagrange is audacious enough to make that thrilling leap as he boldly showcases a broad array of distinctive approaches—everything from starkly straight nude studies to Lagrange’s more typically intricate and exotic compositions.

The photographer’s devoted followers will still find the dream-like eroticism he is known for, yet, in this work, each photograph is one of a kind, with Lagrange’s hallmark of technical perfection. As one would expect from Lagrange, each tableau is carefully configured with not a single detail left to chance

Marc Lagrange’s fascination with sculpture led him to seek out settings that somehow embody the sculptural arts. For this oeuvre he travelled to Pietrasanta (Italy), which has long enjoyed the patronage of artists, due to the region’s fine marble, which has been treasured since the days of Michelangelo. Staying closer to home, the iconic “Handelsbeurs” in Antwerp (Belgium) was an irresistible temptation: an architectural marvel if ever there was one. Last visit was Paris, where an artist’s loft filled with baroque decadence created the perfect atmosphere for a Fellini inspired shoot.

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MARC LAGRANGE has developed a reputation for his opulent and timeless settings—a world where sensuality and seduction both play key parts. It is desire rather than its fulfillment that fascinated Lagrange. Not surprisingly, his otherworldly images have met with critical acclaim, being collected and exhibited in all corners of the globe. Lagrange’s previous publications include teNeues’s highly successful, Diamonds and Pearls.

Veste editoriale: Cartonato con Sovraccoperta
Formato: 28×35,5
Pagine: 208
Immagini a colori: 55
Immagini b/n: 104
Lingua: GB-F
Anno: 2015

ISBN: 9783832732981