MADRID. Architectural Guide


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di Irene Valle RoblesJuan Valle Robles

MADRID. Architectural Guide: Building and Projects since 1919

This guidebook showcases 150 buildings from the past 100 years starting with one of the most influential urban projects ever: the Gran Vía. This main avenue marked a milestone for Madrid which went from being a historic city to the modern capital that it is today. This intervention had been ongoing for almost two decades with the initial phase of construction reaching completion circa. 1917. A selection of the most relevant buildings thereafter until the present day sheds light on Madrid’s architecture in relation to its inherent historical context, including the need for the reconstruction of built heritage after the Spanish Civil War, the influence of the Franco dictatorship lasting for almost forty years, and the new materials and collaborative architecture that have arisen during the current economic crisis, among other aspects. Seven proposed routes lead us through the different districts that make up the city, as well as those historic epochs that have made Madrid the city it is today.

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Formato: 13,5×24,5
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9783869223988