LE CORBUSIER. Turkish Architecture and Urbanism



di Enis Kortan

LE CORBUSIER. Turkish Architecture and Urbanism trough the Eyes of L.C.

Professor Dr. Enis Kortan’s book Mimarlık Turkish Architecture and Urbanism Through the Eyes of Le Corbusier ”will be reunited with its 8th edition.

Societies have historical and contemporary architectural works; They boast of an architectural heritage inherited from their ancestors, which is regarded as an important indicator of the levels of culture and civilization. In this respect, our country has a chance in a few countries in the world: Our outstanding architectural works and our famous architects who created them!

In this book, architect Enis Kortan, Charles Edouard Jeanneret, who has a very important place in the history of world architecture, presents an important research on Turkish architecture from the perspective of Le Corbusier. The book also includes Le Corbusier XX. century contributions to art and architecture.

Kortan states that anyone who wants to be an architect or who wants to be an architect should first study and learn Le Corbusier and his works. offers a research. In the book, which contains a very special letter sent to Atatürk by Le Corbusier, many subjects are explained together with the documents. One of the most striking features of the book is that the original drawings of Le Corbusier, which we frequently come across while turning pages, are also included.

The first edition of this book was published in 1983 in Turkish and the second in 1991 in Turkish and English. With the addition of French, the third edition was published in three languages ​​in 2005 and gained international value.

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