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Lang/Baumann’s abstract spatial interventions meld architecture with art, urbanism, and installation

The book Lang/Baumann: More is More is a kaleidoscopic collection of their innovative work with a focus on 40 of their latest projects. The stunning visuals are supplemented by technical drawings, analyses, and detailed project descriptions as well as three essays and an interview with the artists because, well, more is more! 

More is more? The Swiss artists Lang/Baumann are renowned for their extraordinary interventions, which radically alter public space or occupy the interiors of art institutions. Beautifully presented in this monograph, their colorful, experimental, and rigorous projects are a call for more audacity in creating temporary installations that often seem to promise access to a hidden world.

While some of their works—such as their street painting in the Swiss mountain village of Vercorin or their Beautiful Steps series of absurd staircase constructions—have garnered Lang/Baumann worldwide attention, they have also done a variety of other work that gives new impulses to our perception and can breathe new life into museum exhibitions or site-specific interventions. They have, for example, created installations using huge inflatable pipes woven into the windows of facades, realized large wall paintings with complex geometries, and transformed a whole house into a sculpture by connecting all the doors and windows with tunnel-like passages.

> Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann have been collaborating since the beginning of the 1990s. Lang/Baumann are based in Switzerland and continue to surprise with their new, unsettling installations. Since 1999, Norm (Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs) has epitomized the pure Swiss design ideal and has implemented it in a variety of typography, graphic design, and book projects. In addition to designing Lang/Baumann: More is More, Norm is also responsible for other publications including Die Dinge and L/B: Beautiful Book.

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