The iconic fashion designer offers unprecedented access into her career and personal history with this once-in-a-lifetime publishing event. The complete, official retrospective, designed by Irma Boom—one of the world’s leading book designers—in close collaboration with Jil Sander herself, is packed with special features, that will make it a highly coveted collectors’ item.

For decades the name Jil Sander has evoked the philosophy of less is more—a minimalist aesthetic using highest quality materials and employing exquisite craftsmanship to the effect of poetic purity. Designed and produced as impeccably as her clothing, this beautiful book offers unprecedented access into Sander’s remarkable history as a designer, and international businesswoman. Rich in archival material, and glimpses into the life of its famously publicity-shy subject, this book tells how Sander started in the 1960s and quickly established herself as a discriminating designer unfazed by trends. When the world finally caught up to her brand, in the late 80s and 90s, the Sander name became one of the most prestigious in all of fashion. Adhering to her core principles was the key to success with her own label. The book recapitulates her foray into the world of cosmetics and her later partnership with Uniqlo, where she created the special line +J. A further focus is given to her cooperation with leading architects on the architecture and interior design of her multinational flagship stores. Every aspect of Sander’s career is interwoven in this fascinating story. The result is an elegant manifestation of the Jil Sander name—a story of integrity and grit, sumptuously packaged and timeless.

Nadine Barth is a curator and publicist. In 2006 she founded barthouse, an agency for international culture projects. She is the editor of over hundred publications on art, architecture, and fashion – including the reference book “German Fashion Design” and many award-winning photo books.