• Belgian interior architect Isabelle Onraet is known for designing warm, contemporary spaces
  • With her team she transforms the intimidating blank canvas of a newbuild or a big renovation project into an intimate interior where people immediately feel at home


Interior designer Isabelle Onraet’s starting points are always the desires and wishes of the customer, from where a clear vision starts to take shape for the entire atmosphere, because a room is never a closed off space but is always part of a larger whole. That is why Isabelle very consciously designs with clear and sober lines. Her passion for noble materials, her attention to colours and the interaction and tactility of textures result in individual projects that not only meet the wishes of the clients, but are also very personal, creative and unique. No two projects will ever be the same. Every project – from residential housing to office and retail spaces – is given shape with the greatest attention and enthusiasm. This book is a cross-section of the best interiors and a magnificent inspiration book for anyone who loves beautifully designed spaces.