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As more and more people experiment with different decor and styles in interior design, pattern design has grown ever bolder and more diverse. Whether a bold, classical oversized herringbone or whimsical motifs that reveal little Red Riding Hood lost in the woods, patterns can lend color, visual interest, and new dimension to any interior space. Interior Patterns explores the application of patterns like these and many more across a variety of mediums, from upholstery and drapes to home accessories and the very walls themselves. Divided into two sections, the first exploring pattern application and the second presenting a wide variety of pattern samples for readers, Interior Patterns promises to lend readers the inspiration for finishing touches that will elevate the style of any interior space.

In interior design, patterns can be the finishing touch that elevates a room with style. As more and more people experiment with different styles in interior decoration, the cosmos of pattern design continues to expand. Interior Patterns is a diverse collection of patterns designed for wallpapers, curtains, cushions, and everything that brightens up a home.

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Formato: 20×27
Pagine: 256
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2015

ISBN: 9789881383556