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di Fang Qi

This book is about connotative aesthetic principles which could be summarized as principle of subtle difference of visual elements and principle of unification of relation elements. The coordination of the visual elements (shape, color, texture) and the relation elements (massing, image, proportion) is the main constituting element of the spatial design of the city. Principle of subtle difference of visual elements means that when dealing with the unitary architecture among the architectural complex, subtle difference is allowable in shape, color and texture. Meanwhile, this subtle difference should be controlled within a certain range in order to guarantee the visual identity of the complex.

> He got bachelor degree of philosophy in architecture in Tsinghua University in 1991, master degree of philosophy in architecture in Tongji University in 1994 and Doctor’s degree of philosophy in architecture in Tongji University in 1998. Now, he is chairman of Shanghai Fangda Architectural Design, chief architect of TONTSEN Architectural Design Institute (China) and board member of TONTSEN UK. His masterpieces: Shanghai Purple Park, Shanghai Moon Lake Villa, Shanghai Moon Lake Mountain Villa, Beijing National Flower Garden, Shanghai Yaojiang International Plaza, Greenland East Shanghai, Shanghai Expressway Terminal, Wenzhou Xiangti Peninsula, Nanchang Hengmao International Town, and Changshu Zhongnan Century City. His main academic findings: He published nearly 30 academic articles in domestic and foreign academic Journals. He wrote Research on the Residential Model in Shanghai. He won various national, provincial and municipal awards.

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