| Healing Architecture

The Jules Bordet Institute is one of the largest integrated cancer centers in Europe. Located at the heart of the Erasme campus in Anderlecht, Belgium, the university hospital’s structure evolved from the objective to establish smooth connections with its environment. The building’s luminous patios and extensive timber cladding rhythmize the collaborative design by Brunet Saunier Architecture, Archi 2000, and TPF Engineering, emanating in an interplay of natural shades and lights and a welcoming atmosphere. Through texts, photographs, and plans, Institut Jules Bordet Instituut retraces the different stages of the project. From the initial medical vision to the arrival of the first patients, the publication outlines the architectural approach to intensifying the relationship between medical practice and research, integrating technological changes, and improving the comfort of its patients.

Jérome Brunet co-founded the French firm Brunet Saunier Architecture together with the late Eric Saunier. Since 198, BSA has designed a large number of healthcare facilities worldwide, including the Jules Bordet Institute.
Philippe Verdussen is the founder and manager of Archi 2000, a Belgium architecture office which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. Archi 2000 was in charge of the construction phase of the Jules Bordet Institute.
Frederic Coteur has been head of Infrastructures department of the Jules Bordet Institute since 2000. He directed the reconstruction project of the Institute on the Erasme campus.