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IN DETAIL: COST-EFFECTIVE BUILDING. Economic Concepts and Constructions

This latest volume in the In Detail series turns the spotlight on projects otherwise overshadowed by the spectacular and extravagant buildings that fill the specialist journals: unvarnished, unpretentious buildings that, despite tight budgets, are clearly worked out to the last detail. They exemplify how, and by what measures, cost-effective planning and building are possible.

Because cost-effective building requires that special attention be paid to the overall planning and implementation these processes are examined comprehensively in specialist contributions and project documentations, from office organization through the design phase and the coordination of implementation planning, on to ultimate realization.

The spectrum of solutions extends from the use of standardized products to innovative and individual solutions for details, complete with specified costs, and is a source of inspiration for architects and planners.

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Formato: 23×29,7
Pagine: 176
Immagini a colori: 600
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2007

ISBN: 9783764383930