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a cura di Lukas FeireissRobert Klanten

IMAGINE ARCHITECTURE. Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm

Visual culture influences architecture —and vice versa. Imagine Architecture compiles contemporary perspectives on this exchange from those working in creative fields including installation, sculpture, illustration, photography, and design.

Contemporary developments in the visual arts are often reflected in urban landscapes.Imagine Architecture explores the ways in which visual culture develops in public spaces and how it shapes those spaces. This book focuses on the fruitful exchange between visual culture and architecture and follows up on the themes introduced in our previous release Beyond Architecture. It compiles experimental projects and creative perspectives from the fields of illustration, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, installation, and design.

A young generation of creatives sees the urban landscape as the starting point for their work. When these illustrators, sculptors, or photographers engage with architecture, their art overrules conventional doctrines on the use of space. They use buildings as a medium for their ideas, breaking norms and triggering new tensions. Whether they make sculptures that are created within the context of a given structure or street art whose forms and colors impact its surrounding architecture, all of the featured projects interpret and reflect their spatial settings in compelling ways. In the process, these visionary concepts are playfully expanding the definition of architecture. Their creativity has the potential to breathe new life into public spaces and promote the evolution of our cities.

Imagine Architecture showcases spirited artwork that experiments with architecture and pushes its boundaries. As a contemporary survey of visual culture, the book is not only a must-read for architects, but also for anyone who sees architecture as a source of inspiration and an opportunity to project their creativity.

> Lukas Feireiss works as a curator, artist, and author. His Berlin-based studio focuses on the interdisciplinary exploration of architecture, art, and visual culture in urban spaces. Feireiss teaches at renowned universities around the world and is the co-editor of various Gestalten publications on the subject of architecture.

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Anno: 2014

ISBN: 9783899555448