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ILLUSIVE. Contemporary Illustration Part Four

Building on the Success of our best-selling Illusive Series, this fourth Volume is a comprehensive Showcase of contemporary Illustration that shows how the Technique is interacting with different Art Forms

As the demand for work in illustration continues to grow, this medium is becoming a key component in the fields of advertising, communication, and reporting. Illusive, the definitive reference of contemporary illustration, showcases the work of both established names and new talents from around the world.

The book demonstrates the dynamism of this creative technique, documents global trends, and features an impressive variety of illustration styles and design approaches spanning from luscious fashion sketches to unapologetic protest images. Its scope makes Illusive a rich source of ideas for illustrators, painters, and all visual artists, as well as for graphic and editorial designers.

Whether as a complement to written content or a stand-alone attention getter, illustration is being used more and more often to set prominent accents. Illustrations have become a key component of advertising, communication, reporting, and other media. Because visual storytelling gets messages across more effectively in our age of information overload, illustration is gaining in importance. It’s no wonder that the current spectrum of creative expression represented by this technique is so vast.

Illusive is the definitive reference of contemporary illustration and these developments. Showcasing the work of more than 100 active illustrators—both established names and new talents—from around the world, the book demonstrates the dynamism of this creative technique and documents global trends. Some examples surprise the viewer by integrating elements from fashion sketching, figurative painting, collage, and photography.

Astute texts describe how and where illustration is being used today and put the featured work into context. They explore opportunities for illustration in fields including advertising and merchandising and for thematic topics such as fashion, lifestyle, politics, and culture.

Illusive makes it clear that illustrations are not only used as decorative elements, but to visually convey both content and emotions. Because of its role as a transmitter of information, the medium of illustration is not limited by current fads. In fact, much of the included work is characterized by an impressive creative independence. The results are as astounding as they are inspiring.

Its scope makes Illusive a rich source of ideas for illustrators, painters, and visual artists, as well as for graphic and editorial designers. Its combination of images and text offers added insights for editors, writers, and anyone working in communication. In short, the book is meant for everyone who is passionate about illustration, as well as those who are interested in new visual experiences and are involved in their creation.

> John O’Reilly is editor of Varoom, the award-winning illustration magazine published by the Association of Illustrators and a network of international colleges. He has written on visual culture for over 20 years for newspapers including the Guardian and Observer, as well as magazines such as Eye, Étapes International, and V&A Magazine. O’Reilly is currently an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins.

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ISBN: 9783899555875