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a cura di Ulrike Wietzorrek

HOUSING+ On Thresholds, Transitions and Transparencies

On ways of drawing the boundary between public and private. High-quality residential structures are much more than merely a series of different floor plans. First and foremost, the urban apartment house mediates between the private refuge and the public space of the city. In the process, boundaries between inside and outside are negotiated on a wide variety of scales. housing+ focuses on investigating spatial and architectural as well as social and communicative interfaces in residential construction. More than sixty international projects are documented, with easily comparable planning material drawn specially for the volume and detailed information on every project. The book covers the entire broad spectrum of urban apartment block construction, from towers, block structures, row houses, and gaps between buildings to housing complexes in outlying urban areas. Diagrams of access, building, and city-planning structures enlarge upon the typological drawings. The documentation of individual example projects is supplemented by more general essays on various topics.

> Ulrike Wietzorrek completed her architectural studies at Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich), ETSA Barcelona, and SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, before going on to practice at firms in Munich, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. She was a research associate for six years at the Lehrstuhl für Wohnungsbau und Wohnungswirtschaft (Chair for Housing and Housing Economy) at TU München as well as an instructor with various teaching assignments. Since 2006 she has been working in Munich as an independent architect.

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