HERZOG & DE MEURON 1978-2019 (2 Voll.)



Twenty years after its first monograph on Herzog & de Meuron, the publisher Arquitectura Viva presents the complete works of the studio. The tireless creative pulse of the Swiss office, which over the course of four decades has produced some of the most emblematic examples of contemporary architecture, is illustrated here in a bilingual Spanish-English edition, made up of two volumes of 352 pages each, presented in hard-bound cloth. The first volume covers 43 of the main buildings initiated between 1978 and 2002, showing the formal transformations and material tests carried out during the first years of career in Basel up to the studio’s worldwide recognition, with key works like the Ricola Storage Building, Tate Modern, Dominus Winery, Allianz Arena, and Beijing National Stadium. The second volume includes 41 prominent works started between 2003 and 2019, such as Elphilharmonie Hamburg, buildings like Helsinki Dreispitz and Feltrinelli Porta Volta, Vitra Schaudepot, and the proposal for the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, still in progress. These complete works are accompanied by articles in which Luis Fernández-Galiano analyzes the motivations and methods of Herzog & de Meuron, offering the necessary critical tools to approach this polyhedric and immense oeuvre.

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