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The antidote to mass production and the infiltration of technological media into our daily lives, handmade arts continue to grow in appeal and artists’ practices, providing a one-of-a-kind feel to their creative output. Designers who have the skills to harness their talents in this arena are able to create unique and sought after designs while responding to current market or product trends. This book explores the work of groundbreaking designers who are applying the personal touch to their work in a variety of media and materials. From typography and visual identity to posters, packaging design and installation art — prepare to be inspired!

The making and tactile qualities of handicrafts are a good source of inspiration for designers. With a passion for the art of making things, many designers have been exploring a wide variety of materials and techniques in the design world. This book showcases a range of innovative handmade designs from all over the world that span typography, visual identity, poster, packaging and installation, aiming to highlight the unique handmade appeal and aesthetics in design. It seeks to present a comprehensive overview of the handmade creation and skills.

The handmade era that once flourished thirty years ago has blurred in our memory, yet our fondness for crafts never fades away. Nowadays, designers are increasingly deciding to step away from the screens and opting for a more hands-on approach. They get back to basics, creating beautiful designs with their bare hands. 
The traditional crafts have been gaining a place in the digital world by providing alternative ways for artists to fulfill their creations. Cutting, folding, carving, knitting and molding are incorporated in the design process, to make a powerful statement and enrich the visual forms. Making things by hand makes these artists stand out from others with a unique style, while reviving the simple pleasure in everyday objects. A rich and diversified range of materials such as wood, paper, wire, food, flowers, paint and lines enables designers’ imagination to run wild.

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